Our Product

Prop Defender

Prop Defender is supplied as a comprehensive kit containing all parts needed for application, which is simple and easy for both owners and professionals Designed to last, the coating creates a super slippy surface to which marine growth simply cannot adhere and is flushed off by propeller revolution. Prop Defender emulates the intelligent dolphin, streamlined, slick, right at home in the Ocean, slides through the water with ease and elegance.

What you will receive:

  • Preparation Paste – 100ml
  • Final Detergent Solution – 100ml
  • Foul Release Top Coat – 2 x 100ml
  • Paint Stirrers x 2
  • P180 Foam Backed Glass Paper x 2
  • Protective Gloves
  • Foam Paint Brush x 2
  • Comprehensive application instructions

Coverage Area: 0.83 m2 / 8.92 ft2


An advanced durable propeller protection manufactured in the UK.