About Us

Our Story

Marlowe is a specialist manufacturer of advanced poly-elastomeric marine coatings. Designed from concept to be ‘fit for purpose’. Marlowe takes pride in our reputation for quality, service and innovative research and development.

Propeller protection at its best.

A Tried & Tested Product

Over 12 years in development. Forms a tough, smooth, long lasting non-stick finish to which fouling cannot adhere.

Protects Up to a Season

Propellers force through large volumes of water at high shear forces. Prop Defender tenaciously adheres to propellers and running gear even under these conditions.

Scientifically Proven

Works on ALL propeller materials. Does not use dangerous chromated etch primers. Easily applied by professionals and amateurs alike.

Available Internationally

Only avaiable through approved and appointed distributors. To apply please contact us .